My motto is that life is too short to hate, it’s better to serve.

How I Started Fallis Tax & Insurance

I cut my teeth in the LA Entertainment and Real Estate industry and worked in a few offices. But working for others has its limitations.

I started this business to help people have more time for what matters. 

After working in the industry for fifteen years, I wanted to create a full-service tax and insurance boutique that could take care of my clients from whatever stage their business was evolving, whatever phase of life they were in, so they could have more time to spend with those they loved, and on the things they enjoyed.

Let This Website Be a Hub You Return To

I hope that you can find many resources in this hub to help you in your day-to-day life, in whatever you are weathering or anticipating. You are always welcome here.

My Philosophy

Your life doesn’t need to stop just because of a few mistakes. It doesn’t need to be consumed by paperwork and logistics, either. Let me crunch your numbers for you, be that person in your corner you can call in the times of growth and hardship, and everything in between. You can also hang with me whittling on a Sunday afternoon.


I aim to tailor my prices to offer affordable services based on the forms I’ll fill for you, the actual scope of the work. That’s why I won’t list prices on this site, except for the flat-rate packages and monthly subscriber plans (coming soon).  

Evolving with You

Check back frequently as I expand this site to include more resources, a blog, articles of interest, and a YouTube channel.

Playing in the Sunset