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Our Services

I have a full range of services to assist you in every stage of your business and life. 

What you need not on the list? Give me a holler and if I can't help, I'll point you in the right direction.


Tax Preparation & Resolution

Not a fan of Uncle Sam? I’m not either, but I know him well.

Forms for small businesses and corporate taxes.

Forms for sole proprietors and DBAs.

Worried your spouse will kick you to the couch? I’m in your corner.

Contact me for all your tax resolution needs. I'll get on the phone for you.

New Entity Setup

Make sure you have everything you will need to build your business right. From DBAs to corporations, I can help you set up your tool kit so your foundation is strong, and your business is primed for success. 


Who's got the time or patience for all the tricky bits associated with payroll? Leave it to me without concern.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Keep your accounts reconciled and ready for tax season easily with me. Whatever state your records are in, send them over and we'll work our way through to where you need to be. 

Tax Advisory & Planning

Small Business Tax Advisory

No such thing as a stupid question. Whether your new to the game or a season pro, let's figure it out together!

Individual Tax Advisory
Having a baby? Getting married? Thinking of contributing to your employers 401K plan? Have a side hustle? Let's talk about it!


Tax Planning
Are you a small business owner who thinks they pay more then their "fair share?" Or are you someone who just inherit some cash?  Or better yet, won the Lotto? Let's plan for these and other life changing events together!

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